04 May, 2011

Dream on Superstar!

Just random thought here~ Most of us sure will dreaming. Then, what we dream about most? So, the wet dream is Let's focus on superstar. Whether you dream yourself become superstar, or you dream with superstar.

Don't want this in my dream...horror!
For my experiences, I ever dream about I became superstar, then everyone was asked me to sign for them. That feeling is so happy, I almost no able to breath at that moment, everyone want my signatures! So nice! However, it is dream anyway :(  

I dream about with superstar also. So you are, right? I ever dream about I have a face to face chat with Lee Hom, talking with those Hong Kong drama's actors, whether male or female, or US drama's actor - Heroes! for example. It feels like I am the one of the superstar when talk with them.

Last few days, I dream about Jay came BP to open his live concert. At the same moment, I manage to see him in my dream at the BP roadside, then I almost able to get his signature and take photo with him. Suddenly, I was wake up then. Sigh... I still thought I manage to get chat with Jay at that scene. Haha......XD

Well, it is just a dream. What we dream of, should enjoy it. Whatever we dream, it might alert us something, like scary things, fighting, loving, dating and so on. Every dream has its own meaning, I believe.

Ayumi Hamasaki, when you will come into my dream? Then, I talk Chinese, you talk Japanese XD

Let's dream together! :D  


  1. hehe...nice one...
    i ever dream of i dating wif one japanese singer...
    haha...meet my parents even...
    anyway it's just a dream to make our day brighter...

  2. So, All I have to do is dream! XD

  3. My dream is unique like me. Most of the time I m in dreaming whether in open eye or in sleeping stage. Some of them are very close to my real life which become true afterward, and some of are very critical which out of my understandings. I m little song with a tune (dream).


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