15 May, 2011

Current Status Update

My three years studies were finished. I shall go for internship at August 2011. Location will be at KL. Due to the lecturer persuasion, I decide to internship at Ampang, KL. Else I will stay in BP to continue my internship.

Actually I am quite lucky. Mostly we are involved in government institutes or campaign. I definitely never go out from my state. That's mean I always in Johor area. So, this is the time to decide for my first adventure and how to live in KL, big city. My position is IT support, so related with software testing and customer support…

I satisfied with my FYP result, which is unexpected also. Make a thesis report hard cover is not cheap also. For the interval time from now until August, still have two months. My plan is join the Singapore trip with my course mates, guys and girls, juniors join too. However, my all house mates do not have interest to join. Many reasons are given in order not to participate this trip. My passport has not done also~

Well, next week is submission date of FYP. After next week, I shall join MDEC program, IT course training, for 20 days. There is no allowance for this time. Sigh…It should be nice and provide extra skill for IT students. Some students already start their internship earlier for catch up the progress and earn the money. However, I am rather to postpone my internship (means I am going to start in official date). Working huh…for me is never ending. Why should I so eagerly to start the work? >_< Working is forever after studies life.

I believe I will play and enjoy in this two months period. Maybe I will take the part time job at Secret Recipe again for 1 months when July. I believe my expenses will be large enough when I live in KL. Luckily I stay in my brother's room, no rent needed. (save money J)

Lastly, I hope that 21 May 2011 End of the World prophecy is totally just a joke.


  1. yeah, after this all yourself will be fully dedicated to working life, so enjoy yourself first while you still have the opportunity!! anyway, all the best for your internship in Ampang~~ :)

  2. Yeah, I will. Thanks, SK! :)


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