20 May, 2011

Itchy Hand

Sometimes, as human, our hands are itchy. So, how to solve this problem? Just simply using ailment to treat it and stop the itchy feels. For example, mosquito's bites.

Some itchy hand illness cannot be cured. Like the hand need to touch something, then will feel comfortable. For example, in shopping center, some people would like to touch the display things then will feel good (actually just for reason of curiosity) even there has written "Please do not touch, thank you." Why need to touch? Do not touch cannot ka?

Some itchy hand action might lead to big problem. For example, I see a door which is beautiful. Then, I try to open it with my hand. Suddenly, the door broken. If the house owner saw me, I have to pay what I done, just in case for responsibility.  
Why people's hand will feel "itchy"? Curious on touching there touching here. When the bad consequences was met, just run away huh? Or open one eye and close one eye?

I feel that when hand feel itchy, try to stop/control the action that going to be happened by thinking on other things, to separate the self attention. Do not make yourself lost anyway...  

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