09 February, 2011

Referring URL/Sites

As one of the Nuffnang user, so I able to use the function of referring URL.For blogspot.com, the referring sites/URL not really details, personally feel.

What is Referring URL? That is the URL/website address like http://blah.....com/xx/... something like this which is the last page and link to the current page. Let's say I am browsing www.google.com, then I link to the www.yahoo.com.So, the referring URL of www.yahoo.com is www.google.com, the concept.

Recently, I soon get interesting on this services. I want to see mine referring URL/sites. That is mean who visit zidaneex.blogspot.com from which sources.Sometimes it just somebody's blog certain post, then I get to read it.Feels so weird, the topic is just discuss in my society, then the post will show up in referring URL.Is this a secret attraction rules? or someone want to let me more clear on the situation or the past of someone?

Referring URLs

Referring URL is really a good service anyway. Sometimes, it might be the clues to let you find out something that you never know.    

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