05 February, 2011

[最强喜事] 2011

Yesterday night, whole family members date together and watch movie - [最强喜事2011]/[All Well End Well 2011]. As summary, I quite enjoy this movie, it just so funny! This is my first time to watch movie with whole "kampung", haha...

Actually, this kind of funny/humour movie, we should bring the "only laugh" feeling to watch this movie. Do not focus on the story too much, or try to know what the scene is going on. The whole movie is just want to let you laugh, it can be suddenly mix this scene, then interrupt with this scene, and so amazing funny. If you focus on story, I can said this movie is totally not nice and no meaning.

My father do not like this kind of movie. So, he is not quite enjoy this movie. He said "吐口水" (throw saliva). He thought the Donnie Yen is going to play his Ye Wen Punch or any gong fu movie scene. (Got ah, he helps women make up that scene lol) Whatever, my big brother laughed most exaggeration. I laughed normally.

Anyway, enjoy this movie as the content is attractive and creative. Louis Khoo, Donnie Yen, 张柏芝,and a lot of strong casting actors! Besides, many bikini girls scene, sweet girls, beautiful girls...wow, guys will feel comfortable with this movie lol

I like this movie anyway, it has continue his funny way just like before! In conclusion, I want to learn make up for myself after this lol


  1. Happy Chinese New Year!
    hv a great rabbit year!

  2. yeah, you are right, don't expect too much from all these 賀歲片 other than just to entertain yourself.. be happy during CNY right?? hehe~~ :)

  3. Xjion - Happy CNY too! :)

    SK - yeah, be happy not only CNY, everyday also! haha :)


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