02 February, 2011

The Making of Fried Bud Mushroom

Today is Chinese New Year Eve...

Everyone sure knows Fried Bud Mushroom right? It is crispy, and delicious, just like another type of potato chips. It would be more healthy than the potato chips. Fried Bud Mushroom is called [炸芽菇]. I believe most of the people like to eat, especially when Chinese New Year.

Fried Bud Mushroom

How to make it? Normally, we can buy it with a container, RM12++ at market. If you are hardworking or want save money, you can do it in your own way!

A 2kg Bud Mushroom cost RM4 only. It can make a lot, 3 to 4 container (medium) size.

1. Peel the skin of bud mushroom. Be careful on doing this.
Done the peel, and the green food sharpener
2. Then wash it with clear water.
3. Using food sharpener to slice the bud mushroom while let it enter the cooking oil.
4. Until golden color, take it out, and filter the oil or using newspaper/tissue to absorb the oil.

Filter the oil, let it dry
Wait until it get cool, then put it into container
5. Then success!

It seems like easy, but the working process is quite tire, and need few hours to done it. Well, it is so delicious. Anyone want to eat? Come my house this new year and get free to eat, hehe :)


  1. To avoid overcook and making it crispy, those bud mushroom should dip in salted water first...


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