18 June, 2011

The Liver

Why we need to care our liver? Is that so important?
Modern night life make us do not want to sleep early, night activities always exciting. For my case, since I entered University, I started to learn bad habit - late sleep (over 12am to sleep). I think the sign show up from my body is correct. My liver is totally "hot". If I do not take care on it, soon I get a lot of illness.

First sign I think is the pimples. My face was full of pimples, maybe it presents the liver condition. Next, I feel my whole body no feel so comfortable as before, feel weird. I am not think too much. It is the sign from my body. Liver alarm me "I too hot, please, let me cold, I going to dried up soon!!!"   After consult doctor, their advice and solution was sleep early, drink many water.

Many of us sleep lately, but do not show any sign yet, please do not so happy about that. Get our body healthy right now, and do more exercise.  


  1. definitely!
    i got 3 "bomb" in my mouth~~ so painful whenever I drink, eat><~~
    nid to take care oooo~

  2. yeah, the liver is indeed one of the most important organ.. actually all organs also important lah, we cannot lack out any of them.. :)

  3. Xjion89 + SK:
    Yeah, so dun late sleep oh~
    Every organ is important indeed, sure~

  4. randomly saw this post.
    Try take tomato, kiwi...good for our liver...
    If not mistaken, green tea is good for those always face the computer....=)


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