22 June, 2011

Just 2 in Cinema

Just surprise I had two times to watch movie in cinema, two people only in whole cinema hall...>..<

First time watch was with a friend (guy), the movie name - [Shaolin]. Second time with a friend also (girl), the movie name - [The Green Hornet] - [The Green Lantern]. In additional, both movies are high rating, worth for us to watch.

Where can get this chance to watch movie just 2 people only? I went to same cinema two times (opened since April 2011)in same local shopping mall.

How is the feeling? Sure, the feeling is very good. The cinema hall just play the movie for two people only.

Hopefully the cinema keep launch. Then, I will have the chance again to watch with only two people include me. >_<


  1. did u check if there's ay 'special' reason y the cinema not many patrons? ;p

  2. yes, that shopping mall is less people visit at local place (BP)..hehe ;P


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