27 June, 2011

Anthony Neely's Autograph

Yesterday, Anthony Neely came to BP Mall [Shopping Mall], his autograph for every fans.

Credited to 木子李
Actually I did not plan to go there at first. Then, after thinking deeply and I made decision - to go there watch the spectacular view.  
Credited to Yeo.SC
Definitely, the place is really crowded. As he planned at here with fans at 2 p.m. He just arrived at 2.30 p.m. Besides, he is really handsome and well talented. I simply selected a location that I can view him clearly. His sang at live just same as the CD!! No different at all.

The moment he perform the songs.
He performed the songs -
1. Sorry That I Loved You (Personally Most Like 5/5)
2. Happy Armageddon [末日快乐]
3. Farewell's Hug [散场的拥抱] 

My Location...really crowded!
What I did at there yesterday was take photos and videos. So hot the place. Finally, I purchased his album at there with the discount price (RM35). Then, asked for the autograph and shake hand with him. I just can't believe what I did!!! It was just not like me at all, mostly I only view singer sing, then I just walk away. Maybe for my personal life's memorial......>.< Unexpected, my cousin (girl, married) bring her little girl to join this show also. She said she would like to purchase album at the time...so I...

The second original album I own in my life!
Indeed, this albums are thumbs up. :) 

Here is the video of his performance ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRTYC22UYEA



  1. wow...lookin at the photos he's really handsome...
    rugi i din go...huhu...
    sure vry excited u could get his autograph n shook hand with him...woohoo~

  2. yup...so next time you have to attend oh!~


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