29 March, 2011

Sucker Punch

Finally, I was watching this movie - [Sucker Punch] with four house mates. I was attracted to this movie since I saw the movie poster in Kluang that moment.

Well, after watched, only me, like this movie. The other four house mates said that this movie really sucks! Do not have the good story line. Well, the graphic scene can be thumbs up only.

When start to watch this movie in cinema, I already bring myself in the condition that I am playing this "video game". You will feel this movie is just like gaming more than a movie. The story I do not quite understand anyway, quite abstract. Then, you could see the Baby Doll (Emily Browning) when start to dance, the whole screen is focus on her face, big eyes. Then, all of sudden, she is in another world (imagination). Well, what she did with the other girls, it is real in real world. It is just using the graphical scene to symbolize their action. I might conclude that Baby Doll has psycho, she was living in her fantasy world.

Baby Doll

The story line sucks. Maybe I do not understand the director want to express the deep meaning inside? Some of people said nice, some of people said suck to max, just like the movie name.

Sweet Pea
This movie nice in graphical, sexy girls, beautiful girls. I am really attracted to the Emily Browning (Baby Doll) at the moment she start to dance and her innocent expression. Besides, there are a lot of sweet girls there. Each girl own their specialty. Vanessa Hudgen might not so suit with the machine gun in her hand. Due to the image of High School Musical Series. I have question that, Baby Doll sister was killed by his step father, or accidentally killed by her? Then Baby Doll really have mental problem?

The movie review was giving 4.5/5 rating. Maybe the graphic conquer the whole movie.By the way, the music is amazing fantastic! So suit the movie scene.        
Girls, let's go!


  1. i've not watched this movie, but to my expectation the storyline will be quite weak but then there must be a lot of interesting visual effects to watch..

  2. SK, I just so love to watch this movie, although have weak story line...


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