02 March, 2011

Gay Friend

This is undeniable that, we all are grown up and experience a lot of things through whole life. So, talk about gay friend, I start to own some gay friend after enter university. Mostly are the online friends.

Normally, a gay won't dispose their identity to public.A randomly thinking about gay, if they mixing with straight friend. Some straight friend always like to joke with gay things like said about "suck it" or "let's fuck" or any related issues. Remember, this is just jokes around straight friend. I wonder they either have to mix with them and joke around with gay things or just ignore it?

Let's say, a real gay mix with straight friend. His surrounding always have those gay jokes and etc.He will enjoy it? or act like them? It just like act the things that it is really happening in life.

Is it thought for them? I just think when play jokes about this, it is just like no pay respect to gay friends...

PS:Got to away from my blog few months. FYP more essential XD


  1. you just play along.. nothing wrong.. gay men do gay jokes too.. so its very normal for straight men to do gay jokes.. haha.. so what if the jokes are meant for us to listen.. we just IGNORE!! HAHAHAHA... we choose what we want to listen!! be strong!!

  2. thanks for clear my mind, tuls :)


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