12 March, 2011

About Birthday

Do you celebrate your birthday, by yourself, or a bunch of your friends will give you birthday surprises when your birthday? Some people not really care about the birthday, some people care. Yeah, I am care. From now on, I have to learn not to care about my birthday and just make myself happy on this day.

For my personal experience, I quite admire those friends who will have a bunch of friends will help him/her celebrate her/his birthday, even giving a birthday surprises. Some friends give the birthday wishes/gift without notice, or celebrate in cinema. The one who birthday will feel touching and even cried.(When I will have this kind of situation? Just forget it.)

I am the guy who has no fate with this kind of scene. Pardon me to say that, this is my real feeling for my long life. I know this kind of feeling is kind of selfish. A lot of people worse than me. I just do not understand that why when my birthday, I have to celebrate it with myself, go having a feast on that day personal only? All I will get is birthday messages. Never have a birthday surprise for me. I really do not know why. Is it I am ugly? Not friendly? Not popularity as they are? No one will care for my birthday, except Moms. Whenever I saw a birthday party or surprise somebody received, I will feel admire and jealous how popular they are.It feels like I am really not good enough in my friend group.

After my survey, some friends said their opinion like "Birthday is just nothing", "When birthday my mom will buy a small cake for me", "It just a birthday, doesn't mean anything". When birthday comes, I cannot tell my friends that "Hey, today is my birthday, what you will give me?" I not dare to do this.

In conclusion, I have to learn from my friends, treat birthday day as normal day.Whatever I done, I always lose in my popularity.That is who real I am.Maybe I was hated or disliked by most of the friends, just I don't know who they are.I only have a role in take part on friend's birthday.    


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