23 March, 2011

Suck -- Sperm

First of all, do not worry, this is not a 18SX content ><

Yesterday before, my friends and I were watching the Discovery Channel in University Library. The channel shows very interesting program/activity, that was suck sperm!

What is that actually? :P

Actually it was the activity that the host visits the chicken farm factory.So, as we know, there are two gender of chicken, cock and hen. It shows the host tried to do the activity that involves reproduction of chicken.

The host was forced to use the tube and suck the tube in order to let the sperm which squeeze out from cock (is chicken cock) into another small tube.(The whole process the sperm did not reach the mouth.) The host was said :"Ouch, it feels so weird. This is my first time in my life!" Next, the host grabs the hen (the hen was fixed in a tool) and syringe into vagina. At the same time, the hen will splash the shit/urine, so quite dirty this process. Besides, just a small press, the tube will be shoot out the cock's sperm.Every guy have to be careful when doing this process.

When I watch that channel, my friends and I were laughed. I just do not know why I will laughed, maybe the host expression is funny? or the entire process makes me think in another way? >_<             


  1. very interesting.. and i think farmers are doing this right, as i heard chickens don't make love~~ :p

  2. That is turkey not chicken lar ~~~~~~


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