05 January, 2014

Bone Ashes - RIP

*This content was for memorial purpose - dearest, youngest brother, Kang. 

My youngest brother, Kang was gone. His body was chosen to cremate. All cousins were attended the temple before cremate happens.

After three hours, we went back to temple to get the bone ashes from the person in charge. 

As explanation from person in charge, the bone ashes was really weak, they took those ashes with extra carefully. They thought the deceased was an old man. What can be concluded was the antibiotic given to him all this time was too heavy for him. After that, we had arranged and the bone ashes were put at the temple where nearby our home. 


Anyway he was leaving this world. We all family members still have to live the life. I feel proud that I had this youngest brother and he was a good guy, with courage & kind heart. Besides, as prophecy, he was supposed to left this world at the May 2013. However, God and doctor were helped to prolong his life and stay with  us another half years. We appreciated.

As for now, I believe he is living in better place, maybe become God? He was gone before year 2014 arrived. 

The strange thing was none of us dreamed about him after he was gone...

Rest in peace, my dearest youngest brother. You always live inside my heart. Be happy after life. 

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