05 January, 2014

The Leaving - (Part II)

*This content was for memorial purpose - dearest, youngest brother, Kang. 

On Monday morning, I helped to look after brother and asked my mother back home for rest. His condition was looks fine, the red eye can be open a bit and look at me. When I hold tight his hand, his hand will hold back my hand, but with no much energy. He cannot talk since last time. I did talk a lot to him and asked him gave me response with hand signal. This time, I noticed his conscious seem like better than yesterday, and spirit as well.

Afternoon, my mother was back to ward here with another brother. After lunch, I went back to ward, Kang was in heart beat very fast, around "155". Mother was very worried because after Kang spilled out all the phlegm and water from mouth and nose, his heart beat start to get fast. Doctor and nurse were not able to do anything for him. The only thing was wait and see him in suffer way. Around 6 p.m., ICU's nurse came to rescue him. After changed the plasters, I had request nurse to do something on him. The nurse said she will give sleeping liquid for him to rest and let him feel stable. Soon after, the medicine was given and the heartbeat really start to slow a bit - around " 147". I was worried anyway. Mother was back as she would like to take care him at midnight shift. The night my father was came and helps to take care.

Tuesday morning was turned to my shift. Before I went to hospital, I heard from father about Kang was going to leave this world at today (31-12-13), as he knew from somewhere else. I was no spirit at all and went to hospital as usual. My mother definitely would not leave hospital at today. The feeling to leave from this brother was really painful, hurt. Anyway, I had tried to think in positive way.

For the day, doctor can tried to save his life by using Antibiotic again to prolong his life. As doctor mentioned before, his lungs were totally infected, hard to be rescued. As all family knew that, brother was injected too many antibiotic this year. Thus, leaving seem like the only way for him and release from pain whole this year. With the God helps, his body/look was totally recovered included the scar that operation did on his head. As he wish to go back home, we arranged for him immediately.

When he reached home, all tubes were took out from his body. Doctor mentioned before on if all the tube were took out he will stop breathing. The moment of those tubes took out was really pain at one moment for him. After that, his heartbeat was getting low, and what he tried to do was throw out all the phlegm from his lungs. I heard that people are get ready to go, their own body will be recovered and cleaned from any bacteria/virus, to be gone with healthy and clean. All of sudden I was understood that the sentences was right. All his friends, family, brothers, and others were around him.
>> He was leaving at night.

Immediately soon after, we had arranged all those things need for him after life...


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