17 March, 2016

Years of 28

17 March 2016 as date of today. 

Since this year, I feel like I do not have any achievement yet. 

It has been my working years for 4 years since graduated. 

Four years of working life, changed job once. 

I understand that working for a company is not forever for one's life,
we have to do something during working life. Just like invest, saving or proper life planning?
(Sorry not to try Insurance/Direct Sales...)

I realized I am kind of no much planning for my own life, now just follow what people said and 
enjoy the current life. 

Most of friends of mine, their salary higher than me a lot as I know. 
Talk about saving, yes I did. However, not so success as others. 
I am trying not to use any credit cards when shopping.

I started less watch movie in cinema if compare to previous years. 

Few friends started their business,
Few friends already in a relationship,  
Few friends already married,
Few friends already own property/cars,
Few friends already in their dream path,
Few friends fight hard in their career path...and so on

Recently I keep thinking about what should I do for my coming years or my target in life. 
It bother me so much. I not so sure what I am doing right now (at least I'm writing a blog post now that I had abandoned long time ago)

It seems like there is no target in my life. 
I played mobile games, watch movie at home, singing...nothing that can improve myself seriously...

My future is ambiguous.....
(I wish that some light bulb will appears above my head so that I can plan what to do next at least) 

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