05 January, 2014

The Leaving - (Part I)

*This content was for memorial purpose - dearest, youngest brother, Kang. 

Last Saturday, I reached home and noticed his look was different if compare with last time. My mother told me that he had many phlegm when the cough generated since last two weeks. In addition, he has no spirit at all, head also not able to pull up. The left eye was red, and hard to open, the right eye was closed, unable to opened.

At Sunday, I passed the Bena medicine to my mother for him to drink (through Ryles' Tube) for his serious cough. In the mean time, I was talking to him as well, but no response I got from him. I believe he was too tired, and need a long rest after exit from local ward last two weeks. Every time he will be given Antibiotic if he stayed in ward. Antibiotic is harmful as well too. After that, I was departed for hair cut. At last, I had failed in hair cut plan due to too many people, and suddenly I received a call from my mother.

"After I gave him the medicine that you given, his nails are turn to purple color now! Right now will send to hospital."
"Sorry, then I go to hospital now too. He should be fine."

At hospital emergency entrance, the doctor let us know that his life is dangerous, anytime he can be gone. She asked my mother to sign whether CPR need to be given to him as if he was gone. My mother was signed to not agree to give CPR, because he was living with pain, as we know. Still, I did not understand that if he want to continue live then just let him. Every person was feeling annoyed and sad, tears from everyone waiting at that area. Half an hour was passed, Kang was arranged to live in ward 4 at level 1.

Kang's mouth stuck with the "mouth open" tool, with oxygen cups, and Ryles's tube as usual. His both eyes were opened and without blinked. Soon after, we had discussed with doctor on what action will be taken for him as he was hard in breath that moment. The "throat-hole" was not able to be done in this place due to no much experiences. The only way was to put the oxygen tube in his body through the mouth. It seem like there was no other choices for him as urgent too.

His body was replaced with the big long tube inserted into his mouth, the "mouth open" tool was removed as well. That moment was quite late and my parents asked me to back home and ready to look after him at next day. From the call at home I knew that his eyes were closed and sleep already. Phlegm was removed a lot too.

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