07 November, 2011

Animal @Facebook status

If animals have Facebook,
these are most likely to be their Status Updates :

Cockroach : Managed to skip from some one’s foot step.. Man, I lead a dangerous lifestyle.

Cow : Huh! They are touching my breast again..what they think I am! Bitch?

Mosquito : I am HIV positive this is all due to wrong sucking !!!

Chicken : If tomorrow I am not updating my status, means I am being served at KFC.
Love you all.....

Octopus : I have just refilled my ink..horray!!

Cow : Friends, don’t go out, hari raya korban holiday is coming

Pig writes a comment on Goat’s status : “Luckily I am haram”

Cow replies :“Don’t you remember that after hari raya korban is the Chinese new year..?

[*Information from Facebook]

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