29 October, 2011

Too Confident

I am going to tell my story here which was happened on last week, at my hometown.

At the day I went back to KL, I was asking my first younger brother to fetch me to bus stand BP. Due to car M was no enough fuel, I asked him to use car P (Just fueled) to fetch me. After that, we were departed to bus stand. I asked my brother to drive, I sit beside of him.

At the middle of the road, my younger brother told me that:
Brother: "Actually I still in P tag, but this car do not have P sticker. Well, never mind, normally cop would not care about me and let me pass by."
Me: "Is it? Are you sure? "
Brother: "Normally, they looked me old ma..."
Me: "Ok, then fine."

Early in the morning, cops so hardworking and established the road block at the road X. Well, we've stopped by the cops. The cop asked my brother to show his IC, license. Then, the cop asked "Where is the P sticker?" (We silent...) "Stop at that side (with finger point to the road side)". (My decision was wrong)

One of the cops came to us, and asked whether want saman (fine) or not. My brother directly said "No". Next, he asked us sit back to the car, and asked me to drive. However, he was holding my brother's IC & licenses. I asked him "What we are going to do?" The cop asked me to get down the car and directed me to the small hut, where another officer record the fine.

I asked the officer how much I needed to pay for fine. He replied me around RM100. However, if pay early can get discount. (*The P sticker can cause RM100 fine? Unbelievable!) Then I said to him just wrote down the records. After that, my brother was get down from car and signed the fine.

Maybe my brother's look alike gangster (Golden hair, a bit long hair with pattern and an earring) I would say so because the cops checked the whole car's content and even checked my travel bag.

In conclusion, I told him that next time better follow the rules and do not be so confident. Tell me early if still in P license then I would not ask him to drive. I added "Your look is not old, is gangster look!"

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