11 October, 2011

Internship Life

Currently I am undergo Internship at IT company, software house. Somewhere in Kuala Lumpur.

Many people know that internship's salary is so low...yes. Mine just five hundred. Living in KL is quite high expense, and sometimes need to hang out with friends. If no control the money, it will be very fast run out. Bloody pocket almost appear. Luckily I living with my big brother, house rent already less from my personal budget.
Always pick up phone in office
I was working two months already. Work as IT executives, who always contact with customer, solve customer problem with the system, and support anything that we can support in company. Sometimes will be scolded by customer also due to some misunderstanding happens. I not satisfied with my performance for this two months. I weak in memorize KL road (mostly I depend GPS, then now less use already), no enough experience to negotiate with customer, slow response. No enough training, and still need to take time  to study different system, understand the flow. The good thing is I not need to touch programming. Well, the job is easy, but need courage, brave and be straight, yes is yes, no is no.
Report again -_-
Well, I still have to write the proposal and final report to pass the internship course. It is easier if compare to final year project. It will be more difficult after internship was ended. Where will I go for?

By the way, I was owing my big brother on big sum of money. Now almost clean up my debt on him already. Every month still have to pay insurance fees to him. Yes, my brother work as insurance. Just reach KL, then he and his girlfriend keep telling me on how good on working as insurance, many benefits and blah blah blah. Yeah, it is really have many benefit. However, every job is not that easy. Direct sales' friends also introduce me can work as direct sales also. Suddenly, I felt myself was old enough to listen to those things.

I think I will continue to work as IT related jobs first.

Lastly, internship is tire.  


  1. I do have thinking not to involve in IT field before, but we need to stand strong if we want to success. Since we all just start to work, so can use 1 year or 2 year to try whether you are suitable in IT field? If no, then just changes it, but at least you try before.:)

    1. yeah, agree what you said. Let's work hard together!


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