04 July, 2011

Face wash + "Electric"

Last two months, I had went to my neighborhood's house for face wash.

My mom said the young auntie (Beautician) is famous at my resident's area. Many guy's face were recovered a lot compared with the not yet washed face. However, that cost quite high to do once face wash.

During the face wash moment, she had played the music ding-dang-ding-dang, music box kind (who dislike by a blogger - Danny, right? ;P) Face wash process goes on like normally what I experienced before. Put cream, massage face, dig out the acne, dirty things. Suddenly, I heard a zh-zh-zh sound and slowly near my ears. She said: "Now I am going to use electric to shock your face, it gonna will be very pain. Take care." She took the electric pen (I don't know what should I called that, forget to ask her the appropriate name) and started to shock my whole face. Indeed, my face has many acnes. No wonder use her ultimate skill to attack my face.

Wa~~~~~~~~~~~~~Very~~~~~~~~~~~~Pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always be proud of being so strong during the process of dig out the acne(small) from my face. This kind of shock, despite no so strong shock, my whole face felt paralyzed during and after. The tear was surrounding my small white part of eyes. After done, she said: "This is good for your face as it kills the bacteria."  After that, she did SPA on my face. Wow...feeling so cool after all. Then, mask was the last process (if I no remember wrong).

The price is not that expensive, as compared to other facial center. After a month, I feel that my face was recovered a lot! That's good! Now, what I need to is sleep early as to keep my liver stay health, and drink a lot of water. I always drink a lot of waters.

Anyone knows this kind of technology? Share with me if you do :)


  1. im interested. how much and where is it?

  2. I think the price is depend on your face. Mine is RM48 (so far I just washed once from her). At Taman Evergreen, after my house there. I got the contact number~


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