09 July, 2011


Do human nature is always like to gossip? I do not know why when somebody is not around me, then the gossip on that person or people will be the chatting content.

For example, a group of friend include me having dinner at restaurant. Then all of us/one of us will start to chat about XX's content. Mostly is feel any unsatisfied with, angry with, dislike and so on. When feel satisfied with that person, the one not going to be discussed mostly. People remember bad things huh...Then whole content focus on how the person behave like idiot/fish/tortoise/insect/cockroach/dragon/chicken etc.....

The above picture makes me think about my brother's shirt picture: "I wasn't cheating, I'm just checking my answer!"

Sometimes, me also start to gossip too. Then some friends will give common opinion also to that gossip, and begin discussion. Even the imitation on the person. As we gossip on other people, they might gossip back on us while we are not around, right?

In another word, we might say we are no gossip, we just discuss the specialty of that person! XD This is awesome/fantastic to substitute this saying.

Gossip is not a good behavior. However, many people do. For what? Interesting life? >.< I hope I could escape the gossip content from now on.


  1. haha...actually i don like gossip oso...it's rather for me to praise a person than criticize tat person...coz we never know while we r gossipin bout someone with our friends,then the person maybe oso gossipin bout us with his/her fren somewhere out there...hehe... (;

    1. yes, after 6 months, I learned the lesson that we need to say good words always. Yeah, reduce and stop the gossip better, hehe


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