24 January, 2010

Should i go in a relationship when studies?

Well, when i enter this university, i heard my senior said about "u need to find a girlfriend when in university, otherwise 80% that u will be single after ur studies"....

So, when i enter this Uni, i just care for studies first, the other thing like romance...i ignore it first. In the beginning there was a girl tell me she like me, but somehow in any instance i reject her, cause i jux wanna focus on studies. I kindly sad that to reject her...but there's no way i have to selfish. I am the kind of person who cannot focus on two things...(is terrible, when i step in the social life, i dun know how to find my destiny and maybe dun know how to manage...T_T)

After 1 sem, i got another feeling and like a girl. Well then, she reject me of cox. She said that she dun want step in any relationship and always be a busy girl. Ok then. After few semester, she said the reason why she reject me was my “中气不足”。I just started to wonder that's might be my weakness. I believe most of girl dun like the "ruan mian mian" type of man.
Haiz...There gonna be one more trouble...i have to find a way to cover up this weakness or repair it instead keep on this "characteristics". I wonder in the future i may not find a girl who like my this "characteristics". Love is complicated. When two people love each other, there's a piece of cake, not need so much hardwork then u can enter the relationship.

At this circumstances, i just keep on single life till the Uni's life end. Of course, if my destiny show up, i won't run away anymore. Besides, i'm not a so good-looking person, and underweight. There might be a reason of 80% to be a single. Haiz...love, love, love.


  1. well, it is no nid tat u change ur characteristic 4 someone as she will nt appreciate...so, it is better find some 1 who is really like u n accept ur weakness~ add oil lo~


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