02 February, 2014

Being Scold - Seats

Last night, it was all family members watch the movie - [The Journey (一路有你)] together. This movie was really nice, and get high rating in Malaysia. Look at Guai Lou how he adapt himself in chinese culture, and the main characters' life story - touching & funny & hilarious.

Well after the movie, I suddenly been scold by my eldest brother.
"Why you so stupid? Bought so frontier seats, all watch with not so comfortable.
Luckily I sit in the first row from the back, so nice the view. ------
You always the same, the mind stubborn, never change, stubborn "dragon"."
(The rest 5 members sit together, only he sit with his friends at the back)

"I want all family members to sit together, that's why I choose the seats like this. Between it was the 5th row from the movie screen (after 5th rows were sold), else I already purchased 9.40 p.m. showtime, won't choose 11.40 p.m. showtime."

The rows purchased: H5 to H10
"All family members sit together or not is not important, the more important is all can watch with comfortable,
separate seats also doesn't matter. You are already used to watch movie, this kind of thing still need to remind." (This sentences makes me think about someone)

I want to say more but the rest members were asked us to stop. I was feeling hurt indirectly (not because asked us to stop).

Well, if for no reasons, I chosen the frontier seats, you may scold me stupid or whatever, I don't care. However, this time was because of my own reasons then being scold like this, I feel so innocent, misunderstood.

Sometimes I just don't like my eldest brother. He always directly shout & scold at us (all members) if the way we did does not fit in his eyes. I knew that he was great success in his insurance career, try to change everything/person to his desired hopes with impatience.

What do you feel if a closed person always shouted/scold you in all time?
My Answer: I really wish to have power like Carrie then using telekinesis to revenge.